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Screw The Stock Market

May 25, 2022

Cryptocurrencies are the future. They're not just a fad, they're a real investment that can provide you with consistent returns on your investment. Mike Brenan is here to talk about crypto investments and break them down for you. He explains what cryptocurrencies are, what they are used for, and what the potential benefits are. Mike talks about Bitcoin and Ethereum, but he also discusses other opportunities that are related to cryptocurrencies, like MLM programs and trading. This episode will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in cryptocurrencies.

[00:01 - 12:06] Mike Brenan Shares His Background and How He Got Into Crypto 

  • Coming from a background in tech, Mike started buying Bitcoin when it was only worth sixty-five cents per coin 
  • Mike would’ve had millions of dollars in Bitcoin however, Mt. Gox, an early cryptocurrency exchange, went bankrupt and lost all his money
  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) changed everything for Mike 
  • Bitcoin vs. IoT: what's the difference? 

[16:12 - 26:09] How Lucrative is Bitcoin Mining? 

  • There are two main types of blockchain technology
    • those that focus on digital currency
    • those that focus on providing a platform for other applications
  • The logistics and intricacies of mining 
  • The importance of having a good antenna for mining, the growth of the industry, and the current state of the market
  • Success in this industry is not always achievable
  • Understanding multi-level marketing strategies using crypto 

[26:10 - 31:36] Understanding Different Cryptocurrencies and How They Compare 

  • Hyperverse is backed by a big-time player in the crypto world, and their goal is to replace all of the currencies essentially or at least compete with all of the worldwide government currencies
  • Bitcoin is the most stable and practical cryptocurrency to invest in
  • Ethereum is a more practical point of entry into the blockchain world

[31:37 - 41:58] How NovaTech Bridges The Gap for Investors and Crypto  

  • NovaTech is a mutual fund for forex and crypto that has been paying weekly 3% returns since Christmas
  • NovaTech offers a reliable and profitable automated trading service, with the potential to grow your account over time if you reinvest your earnings
  • How to invest with NovaTech 
  • Understanding when to trust an MLM product and how to tell if it’s a scam 

[41:59 - 50:29] Closing Segment

Want to connect with Mike? Email him at or visit to learn more! 

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Tweetable Quotes:

“I don't really know who the losers are in this equation, except the people who don't play.” - Mike Brenan 

“Be careful of investing directly into the cryptocurrency pieces. That's not a game that I would personally get into.” - Mike Brenan  

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