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Screw The Stock Market

Mar 10, 2022

This week’s episode is a special one because we’re having our new co-host, Aziz Yousuf. We met in college, and since then he’s been a business-minded person. Today, we interview Alex Mandaro; a multifamily real estate investor focused on leading others to freedom to positively impact our world. He has been working diligently to build knowledge and experience in multifamily real estate investing. Alex's strengths include multifamily underwriting and finding creative solutions to problems.  He’s passionate about financial freedom, leading, and working with people.

Let’s dive into his journey, and how age doesn’t matter to take control of your future!

[00:01 - 06:37] Opening Segment 

  • Alex introduces the new co-host: Aziz Yousuf
    • His experience in the stock market
    • A business-minded person
    • Meeting Alex in College
  • Getting to know Alex Mandaro
    • A motivational story
    • Taking the risk and succeed
    • Having the courage of doing something out of the ordinary at 18

[06:38 -18:48] It's Never Too Early to Take Control of Your Future 

  • Alex Mandaro shares his background and work
    • A business-oriented person
    • His desire of having his own business
    • Moving to Florida
    • Focusing on multifamily
  • Alex Mandaro’s decision about not going to college


  • Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investment 


    • Educating himself to make his way in the industry
    • Having a strong conviction to get into the real estate business
  • Take a chance to invest with Alex and his team by signing up for Legado Investor’s Club
  • Why Alex Mandaro decided to join Michael’s mentorship course
    • Finding and analyzing some deals
    • Building strong relationships that will be important for future deals

[18:47 - 26:11] Closing Segment

  • How to disclose real estate information to young people in an effective and exciting way
    • Teaching people that money is nothing
    • Getting the right mindset
  • Alex Mandaro’s insights about the stock market
    • NFTs 
  • How to connect with Alex Mandaro
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  • Follow us and give us a review
    • See links below 
  • Final words  

Tweetable Quotes: 

“My belief is that money isn’t anything. Money is money, it’s not good, it’s not bad, it's just a tool.” - Alex Mandaro

Educate and teach people that as long as their intentions are good, money will be helpful to them and helpful to making the world a better place or whatever their mission is.” - Alex Mandaro

Resources Mentioned:


Want to connect with Alex Mandaro? Follow him on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. Know that his purpose is greater than anything that can be measured by money, hence his desire to make a positive impact!

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